What you need to know about the adorable small fluffy dogs

The sweet and cuddly puppy puppies in the pictures on those cute small fluffy dogs websites are the small fluffy puppies that you may have seen in the pet stores of your local pet shop. 

They are adorable little fuzzy puppies who need loving care and a loving home. Many are stolen away by the very large breeders, and some end up as pets that just sit in cages for long periods of time, simply because their breeder didn't care enough to make sure they were healthy enough to be pets. The sweet little puppies you see in these pictures have a very real chance of finding their forever home if you take the right steps.

Most small fluffy puppies that are stolen from puppy mills do not have a good chance of being adopted by the rescue group that rescues them, because many times their mother has been taken from them too. Many puppies have been taken away from their mothers because their mothers were sold as pets, and the breeder did not properly train them or keep them healthy. 

The babies of those who were born to these "breeding" practices often don't survive past the first month of life and become too big for their mother's stomach.

The small fluffy puppies in the pictures on those cute small fluffy dogs websites should never be sent to a pet store, pet salon, or given away at a birthday party, unless they are rescue animals. They should be brought into an animal shelter for adoption, instead of kept in pet stores where they are available for new owners to purchase.

A pet store can sometimes sell you small fluffy puppies that may look like tiny small fluffy dogs, but who are sickly and underweight. This is because they were stolen from puppy mills and kept there by their mother for breeding practices, and they are not able to survive long in the wild.

Most people aren't aware that there are humane societies out there that rescue these little fluffy dogs from abusive puppy mills and will welcome you and your new pet into their ranks. They will also take the time to make sure that the puppy you get is spayed or neutered and has all the proper vaccinations, just in case you want to start a family with a family pet later on down the road.

Many of the small fluffy dogs that are found in these pictures are more like stuffed toys than actual small fluffy dogs. So even though they may look cute and cuddly, they are far from it. But if you take the time to learn about them, you'll be able to find a happy, healthy and loving home for these tiny little puppies.

Pet Stores - These cute little fluffy dogs are often sold in pet stores as small fluffy puppies, because they look so much like tiny small fluffy dogs. They are often tiny in size, because they are mostly stuffed with fabric to make them look just like small fluffy dogs.

Many of these puppies that are sold as small fluffy puppies were once born to puppy mills, and have no idea how large they are, and can never hope to have a full life. They were bred into smaller than average sizes, which will shorten their lives and make them ill or die from malnutrition.